Accelerate research on campus by providing connective services
for local, cloud and national cyberinfrastructure

Connecting Science to Cycles and Data

CI Connect offers campus IT organizations connective services for cyberinfrastructure. End-users quickly gain access to shared campus clusters while gaining access to distributed resources of national HPC or HTC facilities (such as the Open Science Grid) or cloud-based resources. CI Connect offers several capabilities based on Globus, HTCondor and other HTC and data sharing technologies that augment your vision of providing scientific computational resources to research communities you support.

Reliable, High Performance CI Services

CI Connect provides services to CI providers at US universities and laboratories following a simple set of principles:


Connected environments from hosted services

Resources of a campus cluster (or campus grid) can be virtually extended using the CI Connect service, providing a computing center with a high throughput "overflow" service. Or it can implement bridged campus arrangements to leverage advanced cyberinfrastructure at multiple institutions simultaneously. CI Connect can be used to implement computational and data environments for virtual organizations of science partnerships which span multiple institutions; OSG Connect offers direct access to the Open Science Grid for research groups.

Cycles and Data Virtually in One Place

CI Connect has Stash, a fast, high-volume file storage service to support workflows that bridge local and distributed computing resources. Stash gives researchers a place to stage input data for processing and to write output from their jobs for later retrieval back to their home institution using services such as Globus, Web, or other file transfer and sharing tools.

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